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KUNAKI WOOCOMMERCE STARTING PRICE: NOW AVAILABLE $45.95 KUNAKI WOO is a Woo-commerce plugin Extension that allows Musicians, Filmmakers, Software companies, or anyone to sell their own CDs or DVDs, through kunaki.com one at a time, on-demand, and through their own website, Using the api/xml that Kunaki provides. Remix 4
Music and Ajax WP Theme
Buy Now NOW AVAILABLE Remix is modern glass version WordPress theme for music sharing, Multipage + One page theme with responsive layout built using 12 column grid system, Supports unlimited colours and sidebars, Suitable for music, band, club, party, event, magazine, classic, artist, jazz master, punk rocker, soprano singer, piano player, band manager or even a webmaster, etc websites.

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Self Hosted Or Cloud Based We Offer Monthly Managed Hosting & Apps for Cloud Based On a monthly Basis, Also we offer Smart-Maintenance For Self Hosted Apps. Here a sneak peak at our prices.. Purchase a white label on Demand solution with Smartphone (Android/iOS) applications. Self Hosted license is for lifetime and valid for one domain/sub-domain with one off payment.

$ 550

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  • Self Hosted Based
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Manage hosting
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  • Cloud Based Dating & Tinder App
  • Managed Hosting
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  • Premium Support
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  • Cloud On-demand Delivery App
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$ 145

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The struggle is real!

Hiral Zalavadia

Daniel immediately started on the project and took care of several items on our problem list right away. We didn't have any difficulty developing a rapport with him and while describing the narrative we wanted our website to follow, he was quick to pick up and act on key points without having to be led. He was helpful, efficient, and the project was under budget. We would without hesitation recommend him to anyone building or needing help structuring a website.


Developer need for integrating WordPress Theme

Daniel delivered exactly what was needed and was very generous with his knowledge and expertise. He is very easy to work with, quick to understand, and is flexible and creative when working within the constraints of a template that might not immediately fit the client's needs. Daniel was able to come up with solutions for every issue we were experiencing and did all of it with patience and humor. Hire him now!


Overhaul of FerrariOwnersGroup.org

Daniel is a WordPress / WooCommerce expert. He was able to quickly identify the issues we were experiencing, troubleshoot them, and get our website back up and running. He is also very responsive and worked through the night to help us timely get our website back to normal. Looking forward to working with Daniel on future projects and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone extremely talented and savvy to help with their issues.

Hiral Zalavadia

WooCommerce - Need Help Updating Theme (Divi) on WordPress

"Daniel is great. He's extremely responsive. He's super knowledgeable and doesn't talk to you like you're clueless...that's the whole reason why you are looking for a freelancer, because you need help. Thanks Daniel. More work will follow."


PHP updates and plugins for a couple of our websites

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GM - January 13, 2021

Add sound to notifications for Grocery...

If you want to add sound to your notifications ...

GM - January 9, 2021

fix kunaki api call for updates:

On line 42 to 43 add forward slashes // ...

GM - January 8, 2021

Grocery app barcode scanner api

CBarcode https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_barcode_scanner/versions/1.0.2 app/http/controllers/api/Drivers/DriverDeliveryChargesController.php namespace App\Http\Controllers\API\Driver; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use ...

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