WooCommerce Quatity Slider Tiered Pricing – Price By Quantity Plugin empowers merchants to provide discounts for products based on quantity with more effective way by showing the quantity discount table on the product page. The customers can view the product discounts table based on quantity & add the specific quantity before adding the product to cart. The pricing ruleset can be applied on product level or categories level or global rule set. The discount table can be shown on product page at three different places i.e. before add to cart button, after add to cart button or into the product tabs as a separate tab. The price of the product changes on run time as the quantity is increase and it is found in any rule.

Feature Of Tiered Pricing Plugin

  • Provide discounts on the products based on quantity.
  • Show discounts table based on the quantity.
  • Prices changes as the quantity of the product changes.
  • Supports simple as well as the variable products.

How To Enable Tiered Pricing For Products

The plugin provides the multiple level settings to enable the tiered pricing for products. First the plugin allows to set the unique settings for each product on the product level. If the product level settings are not unique or disabled the category level settings will be check for discounts based on the quantity range. If the category level settings are not disabled or unique the global settings will be fetched. The below reference image shows the settings at product level, category level & global settings.


Discount Table By Quantity Range

The discount table can be displayed on the three different places on the single product page. As the customer increases the quantity on the single product page, if the quantity is found in any range in the discount table the row is highlighted as well as the product’s price changes to the discounted price.

Before Add To Cart Button






Version 1.0.0
Initial Release
Version 1.0.1
Fixed rulesets inheritance.
Version 1.0.2
Fixed decimal prices settings issue.


WooCommerce Tiered Pricing – Price By Quantity Plugin
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Last Update: July 12, 2021
Relased: October 10, 2020